“None seemed able to stand against his onslaught! In an instant he had cut deep gaps in the enemy line, shattering the enemy that had seemed invincible only moment before.”

This Legendary Generic Power may be played after one of your combatants makes Melee or Ranged attacks in a combat round. It’s a useful Power that will grant another round of Melee or Ranged attacks with a bonus of 4 on the rolls, with the added benefit of being able to be used against an alternative target to the one that was just attacked.

Strategy tip:Unstoppable is a great card to use on combatants that have “1st Round” advantages, such as the Guildmaster Warlord or Montrock the Sneaky. If it’s played on them in that first round of combat they gain an extra set of attacks with all their “1st Round” benefits still in play. For example, Montrock will inflict triple damage if he strikes with his Unstoppable attacks in the first round, while the Guildmaster would gain his triple attack benefit.



"The final words of power faded and the spell was complete. That is was but an illusion mattered not, already the enemy trembled and gave way before the mighty wyrm that reared and roared above them."

This Legendary Generic Spell may be played before combat if you have a Conjuration (C) Spell caster in the fight. The Conjured Wyrm is placed into a Unit position in a column that is in combat if possible, or a vacant column otherwise. It will remain in position until slain or the game ends (it does not get discarded after the combat in which it was activated).

Strategy tip: The Conjured Wyrm creates a Unit that can absorb a lot of punishment, having 5 Health. It has a useful Hit Column attack, but it isn’t going to do a whole lot of damage - it is an illusion after all! Since it’s a Conjured creature it can’t be resurrected or turned to stone, so it’s a useful Unit to bring into a fight against monsters (such as the Gorgons).



This Very Rare Enchantment confers some extremely useful immunities when it’s played before the start of combat.
It not only protects the creature it is placed on, but also their column and any adjacent columns!

Strategy tip:
Aura of Protection is a great counter to Darkling, the dreaded Werewolf Hero who often dominates an entire enemy army with Fear.
Try to play it as soon as possible. Since it’s a Spell it lasts beyond a single combat, so placing it on your Warlord will protect up to 3 columns until it is dispelled.