Download the complete Tournament Rules 

Full set of tournament rules, terms and conditions - updated January 2018!

Tournament Overview


Final War Pty Limited is the official sponsor of the boardgame section of PAX Melbourne for 2017 and is running a major tournament as part of our PAX adventure.

The Final War Grand Melee tournament will be run as follows:

  1. Store-based local events, starting from May and running through to August 31.
  2. Regional Finals will be held in September/early October.
  3. Grand Melee Tournament Final – The final will be held at PAX Melbourne 2017.

32 players will qualify for the tournament final from the Regional Finals, plus 4 invited guests.

The prize package for the finalists and overall winners includes:

  • $20,000 Grand Prize for the winner of the Grand Melee
  • Cash prizes for minor placings.
  • All participants receive Final War merchandise and a 3-day PAX Melbourne pass
  • Return economy airfares for Finalists, if qualifying from a Regional Final outside of Melbourne.
  • Guardian return airfares for Finalists qualifying from Regional Finals outside of Melbourne, if the finalist is under the age of 18 (minimum age for the tournament is 14).

Full Terms & Conditions may be read by downloading the tournament rules from this site.


Final War Pty Limited is not charging any entry fee in this promotion.


Local Tournament Notes


  1. All local tournaments must be held at a participating retail game outlet.
  2. A minimum of 3 participants are required for a Grand Melee event, with one regional qualifier per 8 entrants, rounding down (i.e.: 8-15 = the winner qualifies, 16-23 = top 2 qualify etc.).
  3. Local stores may charge an entry fee for the local tournament.


If you have a store that you think would be interested in participating, please have the store email us at for a tournament kit.